The government has set an ambitious target of getting 181 million people vaccinated in 15 months.

Questions have been raised on how effective the current vaccines will be against the altered versions of the virus.
US President Joe Biden has promised a fierce fight against the pandemic.


Frustration grows among Americans over long lines, cancelled appointments and other daunting issues.  

Covid-19 in Asia

Bangkok found itself on the backfoot when locals questioned their efficacy. 
Officials are set to examine the effectiveness of the measure in the coming week.
This is the first time the government has imposed a lockdown, albeit on a small scale, since the pandemic began.

Reopening v resurgence

Shopping centres and other non-essential stores will be closed from noon local time on Saturday, for the first time in the pandemic.
Young people in Wuhan, once the epicentre of the coronavirus, are enjoying their hard-earned freedom.


With hundreds of vaccines being developed globally, keep track of the progress here.
Here are the answers to key questions as they are being rolled out in Singapore and across the world.
The coronavirus brought the world to its knees but there are upsides to this pandemic.