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Universities must make 'audacious' changes or lose their relevance

Universities have no choice but to reimagine and reinvent themselves, if they do not want to be overwhelmed by the winds of change, says Mr Hamoon Ekhtiari.

SMU wants students to 'interrupt' studies

When the Singapore Management University (SMU) was set up in 2000, it was the upstart in the higher education landscape.

Planning for university places needs rethink

This year, the Singapore Government will deliver on the 40 per cent cohort participation rate (CPR) for university that it had pledged in 2012. That means four out of 10 in an age group will go on to study for a degree in one of the six local universities.

About SMU

Investor challenge winners share their tips and tricks

Investing early and holding on for the long term are the winning strategies of a team of students from the Singapore Management University, who bagged the top prize at this year's Investor-One Challenge.

7 SMU awards set up to honour late Hong Leong founder

He grew up on a farm in Xiamen, China, and at the age of 16 in the late 1920s boarded a ship bound for Singapore armed with just an $8 ticket, a straw mat and a quilt for warmth.


Spotlight on 'people farming' at ST Education forum

Tech firms take heat as experts discuss good and bad sides of entrepreneurship.

ST Education Forum to debate entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are the "bedrock" of economic progress that provides for the advancement of nations, says Singapore Management University's (SMU) Associate Professor Reddi Kotha.

ST-SMU Nurturing Entrepreneurs: University builds bridges to innovation

Many Singaporeans would know of the delivery service Ninja Van. Those into luxury goods would likely be aware of Reebonz, the e-commerce platform for buying and selling luxury goods. They were both businesses started by Singapore Management University (SMU) students who had taken up entrepreneurship programmes during their undergraduate years.

ST Education Forum to debate modern-day entrepreneurship

The Silicon Valley model of entrepreneurship is often celebrated.