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ST Education Forum 2018

From left: Singapore Management University law dean Goh Yihan and SMU president Arnoud De Meyer argued against the motion "You don't need a degree to succeed in life" at the Straits Times Education Forum yesterday. On the opposing team were OECD dire
Skills v degrees debate at ST Education Forum ends in a tie

The debate involved the 500-strong audience voting for or against the motion in real time, according to how they were swayed as the session went on.

SMU president Arnoud De Meyer on how universities transform lives

Singapore Management University (SMU) encourages all its students to have at least one overseas stint - working, studying or undertaking a community service project.

Degree or skills? Audience vote will count at ST Forum

Those attending The Straits Times Education Forum on Saturday will not only get to hear the views of education experts on whether a degree or skills contribute more to one's success in life, but they will also get to participate in the debate by voting for or against the motion.

Mr Andreas Schleicher at the release of the results of the Programme for International Student Assessment last year.
Putting universities to the test

In the second of a four part-series, OECD's education and skills director Andreas Schleicher talks about why we need to study and whether universities really add value.

Panel discussion

Who's who: Speakers and moderator

Come listen to a robust debate on the degrees-versus-skills issue at The Straits Times Education Forum, presented by the Singapore Management University, on March 17. The motion for the debate is "You don’t need a degree to succeed in life". The speakers for the motion are Andreas Schleicher and Ng Cher Pong. The speakers against the motion are Professor Arnoud De Meyer and Associate Professor Goh Yihan.

About SMU

Dynamic learning at its best

Seminar-style lessons and work-and-play spaces enhance the tertiary experience for Singapore Management University undergraduates

SMU’s well-rounded curriculum and skills training gives its students an edge

New industry-relevant majors and an interdisciplinary curriculum get students future-ready

SMU to offer undergrads campus living experience

City accommodation in the Singapore Management University (SMU) will soon go beyond just providing students with a place to stay. Spaces for them to learn will be offered too.

ST Education Forum 2017

In his keynote address, Mr Ho says that one big impediment in adapting to disruptive change is the glaring contradiction between Singapore's numerous scholastic achievements on the one hand and its lack of innovative capabilities on the other. In the
Disruptive change and the Singapore dilemma

We all know by now that disruption has become the new normal in various industries where computerisation, robotics and artificial intelligence will make many traditional, even highly skilled but repetitive, jobs redundant.

Race with machines, not against them: MIT research scientist Andrew McAfee

In a face-off two years ago, Enlitic, a deep-learning machine, was pitted against expert human diagnostic radiographers in diagnosing lung cancer.