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Healthy for 100

Staying active and healthy in the later years

If Singaporeans expect to live to 100, can they still afford to retire in their 60s?

Living longer can also mean living well

It should not be seen as a silver tsunami, but as silver dividends to be reaped.

Forum casts spotlight on cost of longevity

Singaporeans are living longer than ever, topping global charts in life expectancy.

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Focus on preventive care to improve heart health: Report

Asia-Pacific countries should move away from an acute care model to a preventive one in order to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, a new report says.

Lifting weights can help seniors age well

Weight training by older people may build not only strength and muscle mass but also motivation and confidence, potentially spurring them to continue exercising, according to an interesting new study of the emotional impacts of lifting weights.