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Ms Patricia Lin and Mr Calvin Woon, directors and co-founders of Zion Global Marketing, which is ranked 14th on the list of the fastest-growing enterprises compiled by The Straits Times and Statista.
Zion Global Marketing: Staying on their toes to thrive in the digital space

Keeping abreast of ever-changing technology is the cornerstone of digital marketing business Zion Global Marketing.

Crawfort: Breaking stereotypes through innovation

Innovative business Crawfort is rewriting the rules when it comes to moneylending solutions

Oneberry Technologies: Taking security automation to the next level

Oneberry Technologies is making moves within the security industry — one robot at a time

Tetherfi: Customer experience digital transformation journeys simplified

Need support for everyday tasks such as making fund transfers, getting a doctor’sappointment or booking hotel rooms? The days of long minutes on hold and questions that don’t make sense are numbered, thanks to Tetherfi