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Committee on the future economy

Committee on the Future Economy outlines 7 strategies to take Singapore forward

SINGAPORE - Amid a challenging global environment, Singapore's people and companies have many opportunities to innovate, deepen their skills and capabilities and stay relevant to the world, a high-powered committee charged with coming up with a blueprint for economic growth has said.

7 strategies

CFE report: Singapore must deepen global links, press on with open trade

SINGAPORE - Singapore must remain plugged into global trade and its people need to gain better knowledge of regional markets as the country embarks on the next phase of growth.

CFE report: Tailor roadmaps to help industries grow and create good jobs

SINGAPORE - In a report released on Thursday (Feb 9), the high-level Committee on the Future Economy highlighted the development of Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) as one key strategy to position Singapore's economy for the future.

CFE report: Companies must go digital and mine data

SINGAPORE - Singapore's economy must be built on strong digital capabilities to continue to grow in the long term.

CFE report: Make Singapore a vibrant global city that is full of opportunities

SINGAPORE - The Orchard Road shopping belt could be transformed into a place with more cultural performances and regular programmes, wider walkways and more sheltered paths, if a recommendation by the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) is accepted.

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New initiative launched to connect Singapore and China tech firms

BEIJING - The Singapore Government launched in China on Friday (Nov 24) the first overseas initiative under the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA), a network to promote entrepreneurship and innovation with a focus on technology.

CFE report: SBF welcomes proposals but also calls for more help now for businesses

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) said on Thursday (Feb 9) it looks forward to working closely with the Government on the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) recommendations to drive growth in the next decade.