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Business-minded focus on the future and help upstream for families

SINGAPORE - Mr Heng Swee Keat's maiden Budget announced on Thursday (March 24) afternoon has a singular focus: to transform companies, so they can work together and with the government, to raise productivity, automate and innovate processes, and expand overseas.

Budget 2016: Heng Swee Keat seeks partners and he’ll gladly split the bill

Mr Heng Swee Keat chose as the title of his first Budget statement "Partnering for the Future" - reflecting his preference for collaboration as the best way to grow and transform the economy, and nurture a caring society.

Budget 2016: Of coffee prices and hopes of a helping hand

It may only be a cup of coffee, but the rising price of this key consumer item is an example of the cost-of-living crunch that some Singaporeans are experiencing.

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Last year, layoffs hit a six-year high, with the economy shedding about 15,580 workers. Among those who lost their jobs, professionals, managers, executives and technicians made up a big proportion. Job recruitment firms have noticed a sudden surge i
Can Singapore households weather slowing growth?

With fewer clients using her contractor husband's renovation services, commodity specialist Wong C.K., 41, and her family have had to make swift decisions to cope with a smaller budget.

Firms switching strategies in slower market

Mr Chow Khai Cheng remembers when customers used to splurge over $1,000 on a kilogram or two of sea cucumbers at his dried goods store in Chinatown a few years ago.

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Balancing the Budget: Revenue & expenditure for 2016

Singapore is required under the Constitution to keep to a balanced Budget over each term of Government. Social development spending made up almost half of the Government's expenditure for 2015, while a large portion of the operating revenue came from corporate income tax.

Budget 2016: Key announcements at a glance

Find out what are the key Budget announcements and how they may affect you and your family.


Analysing the 2016 Budget Statement

SINGAPORE - Which are the buzzwords in Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat's Budget speech? Explore his full speech with this interactive word analysis tool.


$280 million in GST Vouchers to be given out to eligible recipients in November

SINGAPORE - Eligible Singaporeans who had previously signed up for the Government's GST Voucher scheme will receive an additional payout of up to $200 each by Nov 5, said the Ministry of Finance (MOF) on Tuesday (Nov 1).

People's Association has to cater to more sophisticated population

SINGAPORE - The People's Association (PA) has to cater to an increasingly sophisticated population, but remains non-partisan, said Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Chan Chun Sing on Thursday (April 14).