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    ST Special: Meet the voters

    • Voters casting ballots for the Nov 8 election at an early voting site on Oct 18, in Chicago, Illinois. Americans who identify themselves as independent make up 40 per cent of the population, outnumbering voters who call themselves Democrats or Republicans
    • Mrs Clinton taking a wefie during a rally on Sept 29 in Des Moines, Iowa. A win at the ballot box for her will boil down to voter turnout, say experts.
    • According to surveys by the Pew Research Centre, the Republican Party of today is less diverse, older, and more religious than the Democratic Party. The GOP's four core groups of supporters are the white working-class voters, fiscal conservatives, re

    ST Special: Trump country, Clinton country

    • A woman showing her support for Mr Trump before his campaign event in Springfield, Ohio, on Thursday.
    • Above: A volunteer working at the Clinton field office in Garfield Heights. Below: Clinton supporters, many from the working class, turning up in force at a recent rally in downtown Cleveland.

    ST Special: From the states

    • A young Clinton supporter (above) with a doll of the Democratic presidential nominee at a campaign rally in Ohio earlier this month, while a Trump supporter (below) waits for the Republican presidential candidate to speak at a campaign rally in the s
    • Mr Trump waving a Pittsburgh Steelers rally towel in front of his supporters in Ambridge in Pennsylvania, where he received a rousing welcome from thousands. A queue outside the Ambridge Area High School last Monday stretched for half a kilometre. Mr
    • Latino voters at a Democratic rally in Charlotte last week. North Carolina used to be a "comfortable" Republican state, but urban centres such as Raleigh, Charlotte and Durham are growing rapidly, attracting people with different political views and

    ST Special: Final Countdown

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