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CNY stories

PM Lee Hsien Loong's Chinese New Year wish: Broader productivity growth, train improvements

Singapore's economic performance last year was healthy, marked by a better-than-expected expansion and encouraging productivity growth.

3...2...1... and first CNY baby arrives right on the stroke of midnight

Right after the Tays watched the countdown to Chinese New Year on a hospital delivery room television, they welcomed their firstborn.

Aly Says: Why we do what we do during Chinese New Year

Why do we exchange mandarin oranges during CNY? This and more questions answered.

River Hongbao welcomes Chinese New Year with a mix of old and new

SINGAPORE - Every year, the River Hongbao event at the Marina Bay floating platform draws in crowds looking to soak in the Chinese New Year festivities.

Toto Hongbao Draw: Check out winning numbers and lucky outlets

Are you feeling lucky? Punters have a chance of winning $12 million in this year's Hongbao draw. Here's a look at the past winning numbers and more.

CNY Features

Primping for CNY? Know the risks

 While shopping for hair extensions or gel manicures that stay shiny red, consider possible side-effects that could leave you in a flutter for all the wrong reasons.

Head-to-toe florals and other fun, funky and festive looks for Chinese New Year

Just because you want to give and receive red packets does not mean you have to dress like one.