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The show must go on... to bring cheer to the sick every day

Sing'theatre brings music to the sick through community outreach performances at public hospitals and elsewhere.

Distributing radio sets to uplift seniors through music

For some elderly people living alone, the MP3 radio set has been a source of solace during the pandemic.

Causes Week 2020: Read more stories

Causes Week 2020 shines a light on various individuals and groups, and shows how they are making a difference through their chosen causes within the community.

Football a plus for young players at FootballPlus Academy

The academy uses the sport to engage youth from disadvantaged and low-income families.

Teaching youth of all abilities to cycle safely

Practical skills like how to navigate tight corners are taught at the Singapore Cycle Safe Programme.


A Budding Minds tuition session in progress at the We Love Learning Centre in Henderson. Mr Chua Tze Hean, who started the project, says the volunteer tutors try to make content more interesting by showing the children real-life applications of their
'National service' of the mentoring, tutoring kind

Outside of their regular duties as full-time national servicemen, a group of six NSFs also spend their Saturdays running a free tuition programme for children living in rental flats in the Henderson area.

Braving Everest cold to raise suicide awareness

The trek up to the Mount Everest base camp was also an opportunity to raise funds for the Samaritans of Singapore.

Looking beyond the science of climate change

National University of Singapore (NUS) researcher Melissa Low believes that when it comes to saving the planet, it is important for people to understand the process of international climate negotiations along with the science behind climate change.

Undergraduate Woo Qiyun kick-started the White Monday movement in Singapore, urging people to buy only what they need and to support businesses in the circular economy, such as thrift stores.
Getting shoppers to think twice before buying to cut waste

While many were eagerly awaiting the Black Friday sale last month to "check out" their virtual shopping carts, undergraduate Woo Qiyun was trying to get shoppers here to think twice before they buy.

Home-grown way to meet food needs

Dr Lim Jia Yang's four-year-old "mini farm" is made up of a special pump, PVC pipes and a tank with fishes.

Causes Week 2018

Volunteers let their hair down for patients

Professional hairstylist Doreen Liew is no stranger to demands for the trendiest hairdos in her day-to-day work but, once a month, she finds it equally satisfying giving patients at Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) basic haircuts.

Bowling champ Shayna Ng is cat ambassador

She is a former world champion and a two-time Sportswoman of the Year, but bowler Shayna Ng has not just dedicated her life to be the best in her sport, she also finds time to help others.