Yahoo chief Mayer paid $45m for six months' work

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer hauled in US$36.6 million (S$45 million) in pay, bonuses and stock last year after just six months at the helm of the Internet firm, with some of that time spent on maternity leave.

Ms Mayer's base pay of US$454,862 was fattened with a US$1.12 million performance bonus and about US$35 million in stock, according to a filing on Tuesday with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Mayer's annual base pay this year will be US$1 million and she is eligible for many times that amount in stock and bonuses if she hangs on to the post.

Beginning this year, Ms Mayer will also be eligible to enjoy benefits generally available to other top Yahoo executives, such as 20 days of vacation annually.

In addition to a US$1 million annual salary, Ms Mayer will get US$2 million yearly in bonus cash if Yahoo hits financial performance marks, according to paperwork filed with the SEC.

Ms Mayer - one of Google's first employees - became one of the most prominent women in Silicon Valley when she was appointed Yahoo chief executive in July.

She was the first female engineer at Google and among its high-ranking executives when she left for the Yahoo post.

Ms Mayer, who will turn 38 in May, gave birth to her first child in October.

Yahoo has been re-inventing itself as a premier online content venue since the pioneering Internet search firm found itself withering in Google's shadow.

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