WhiteCoat's family and business mix

Mixing family and business could propel a start-up to new highs.

This is the case for telemedicine venture WhiteCoat, the brainchild of Mr Bryan Koh and Ms Natalie Koh, whose father is veteran banker Edmund Koh.

WhiteCoat puts a doctor at your fingertips via a few taps on your phone, doing away with lengthy waits at a clinic.

In just a year since its launch, it has some 50,000 customers and a market value in the tens of millions of dollars.

In the pipeline is a partnership with an insurer that could expand its patient base exponentially.

WhiteCoat's vision, says Mr Bryan Koh, the firm's founder and chief executive, is to "bring affordable, accessible healthcare to people, any time, anywhere".

The elder Mr Koh, UBS Asia-Pacific president, who provided seed capital of about $5 million, steps up as mentor and strategy coach.


"This project that turned into a business has brought us very close as a family," he says.

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