WealthBT Podcast: Opportunities in higher interest rate environment

In this episode, BT wealth editor Genevieve Cua tells us where you can park your spare cash that won’t increase your stress levels. PHOTO: BT GRAPHIC

Synopsis: Learn to protect and grow your wealth in this monthly Business Times podcast series for affluent individuals, hosted by BT wealth editor Genevieve Cua. 

For the risk averse, looking for opportunities in this high interest rate environment isn’t as difficult as it seems. Genevieve tells us where you can park your spare cash that won’t increase your stress levels.

Highlights (click/tap above):

3:30 Impact of higher interest rates on assets

4:07 Lower risk options as rates trend up: CPF and CPF Life

6:07 Consider the Singapore Savings Bond

8:14 Fixed deposits now more attractive

9:59 Cash-plus funds, but look into funds’ holdings

11:04 Bonds’ place in portfolios; and PE bonds

15:14 Insurance endowments

Produced by: Genevieve Cua (gen@sph.com.sg) & Howie Lim

Edited by: Howie Lim

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