US Elections 2016, the day after: Markets stabilise

Standard & Poor's affirms US' investment grade rating

NEW YORK • Ratings agency Standard & Poor's affirmed the United States' investment- grade AA+/A-1+ rating while maintaining its stable outlook, after Mr Donald Trump won the US presidential election.

"We assume the longstanding institutional strengths and robust checks and balances of the United States will support policy execution in a Trump administration, despite the President-elect's lack of experience in public office, which raises uncertainty on policy proposals," the ratings agency said.

But S&P added that the US' high general government debt and increased uncertainty over its trajectory constrain the ratings of the world's largest economy.

There is a risk of policy uncertainty and potential missteps given the untested nature of the incoming Trump administration.

If these risks eventuate, there could be downward pressure on the rating, S&P said.

It said it would raise the rating if it saw evidence that efforts point to more proactive fiscal and public policies that result in a lower debt burden.

Fitch Ratings said on Wednesday that Mr Trump's victory does not have near-term implications for the US' AAA/stable rating.

The medium-term impact of President-elect Trump's economic and fiscal policies would be negative for US sovereign creditworthiness if they were implemented in full, the ratings agency said.

Moody's Investors Service said that the Republican nominee's victory will impact a range of companies operating in several different sectors.


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