ST HeadStart: Starting your job hunt? Career fairs are back in full force

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Good morning! It's the last Monday in August, and for those currently in Singapore - mask-wearing is optional in most indoor settings from today. 

This week, one of the stories we're looking at is about the return of graduate job fairs - the first time such events are back in full swing since the Covid-19 pandemic. Students are optimistic that growth in wages and benefits will continue as employers look to attract and retain staff, with thousands of job opportunities on offer at the events held at local universities. 

Do you dread the performance appraisal season? Is it just about going through the motions? Unfortunately, you are probably not alone in that experience. Senior correspondent Krist Boo writes about the work appraisal experience and suggests to her fictional boss how work evaluations can be done better. Having fair and open feedback from both sides is just one way that employers can improve this chore, she says. 

Meanwhile, invest editor Tan Ooi Boon highlights the most important thing investor need to think of before they lock up their money in any assets: How can I cash out? Understanding how you can exit your investment could determine whether you can get back your money or lose everything in the process, he says.

Graduates remain cautiously upbeat as career fairs return in full force

Thousands of gigs are on offer and students are looking not just at wages, but also the benefits as they look to push their claims for plum posts.


askST Jobs: How can I get a lazy subordinate to buck up?

Motivating a worker can start with a private chat to better understand why their work has been sloppy, you can also set up regular reviews to check if they are meeting expectations, suggests manpower correspondent Calvin Yang.


Chief finance and sustainability officer among new green roles in finance and accountancy sectors

A recent report also noted that sustainability reporting and disclosures, which can involve complex data, are the most pressing challenges for companies now.


Smart to know how to cash out before you invest

Here are some tips to bear in mind before locking up your money in any assets. One reminder? Don't take any numbers as the gospel truth.


From 'lying flat' to 'quiet quitting'

These expressions of rebellion by young employees - an efficient way to push back - come as work has become more stressful for many, with a constant risk of burning out before being promoted to jobs with greater autonomy. 


People with disabilities bring new perspectives, strengths to workplace, say forum panellists

At the same time, making work environments more inclusive can benefit not just people with disabilities but also lead to better employee engagement and retention.


Work/Life: Oh, how we suck at work appraisals

Senior correspondent Krist Boo writes a fictional letter to her boss, suggesting some ways work appraisals can be done better, including making it a two-way conversation and mutual review.


Singapore faces new challenges in regulating crypto

The writing is already on the wall for further regulation to protect consumers from losses and to look into market conduct issues in crypto.


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