ST HeadSTart: Millennials on work-life balance: We're not lazy, we work smart

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Good morning! It's a short work week as it's National Day tomorrow - or perhaps some of you are already enjoying a four-day weekend? 

This week, I'd like to share my colleague Clara Lock's opinion piece on millennials' approach to work where she also shares her own experiences moving from freelancing to her current role as a travel correspondent with ST. One of her interviewees tells her that work-life integration is a privilege - it requires a certain amount of flexibility, bosses who are on the same page, and a job you care enough about.

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Meanwhile, journalist Ang Qing suggests that it is time for employers in Singapore to adopt a more flexible leave policy. While this means that managers will need to have oversight, both to prevent abuse of the flexibility and to ensure that leave is used to rest, she believes that happier and healthier workers will always be better workers.

Also, have you wondered what are some of the top qualities start-ups look out for in a new hire? Start-ups and ecosystem players told me that how a candidate fits with their existing staff is one of the most important considerations. After all, it doesn't matter how competent each employee is individually if they can't get a job done together.

We millennials are not lazy, we just work smart

Just because someone values the boundaries between work and personal hours doesn't mean that they aren't prepared to work hard, millennials tell travel correspondent Clara Lock.


askST Jobs: What conversation topics are appropriate for after-work drinks?

Topics like food, travel and hobbies are fine, but you should be careful not to come across as a show-off. Manpower correspondent Calvin Yang shares some tips.


Job recovery in aviation sector saw 4,000 new recruits in first half of 2022

The manpower boost has helped the aviation community cope with the surge in traveller volumes, as Changi Airport looks to get its handling capacity back to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year.


What do start-ups look out for in new hires?

Most start-ups place an emphasis on cultural fit, and some make it a point to have candidates meet with their prospective colleagues to assess if they would be able to get along and work well together.


Smart way to keep your lifestyle after retirement

CPF Life will contribute the bulk of your retirement income, but you can consider other instruments with promise-based payouts like Singapore Savings Bonds to supplement it.


The crypto market crashed, but they are still buying Bitcoin

As the market has melted, some of these evangelists have embarked on a public relations offensive, aiming to persuade investors and lawmakers that Bitcoin is different from the thousands of other digital currencies that proliferated in the last few years before tanking this spring.


Time to take more flexible approach to sick leave?

This Covid-19 pandemic has shown the merits of an honour-based sick leave policy, and journalist Ang Qing highlights why firms should consider a more flexible leave system, including how such a practice could make them more appealing to workers.


askST: What you need to know before applying for Singapore's first sovereign green bond

About $50 million of Singapore's $2.4 billion inaugural sovereign green bond is available for retail investors to subscribe to. Find out more about the bond, such as how to apply for it and whether it is a suitable investment for you.


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