ST HeadSTart: Is your boss taking too much credit? | The 10 most lucrative side gigs

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Good morning! One of the stories we're looking at today explores how you can respond if your boss seems to be taking credit for your work. 

You might actually not have too much to worry about as this could still reflect well upon your team as a whole, and in turn benefit you, says journalist Tay Hong Yi. But he shares what you can do if you feel your contribution should have received better acknowledgement. 

How are the better-performing sectors of 2022 – the oil and gas, food and consumer sectors – likely to perform now that we are in 2023? And what is the impact of high interest rates on real estate investment trusts? Associate editors Lee Su Shyan and Ven Sreenivasan answer these questions and more in the latest episode of our Invest Talk podcast. 

Are you looking for a side hustle to earn extra income? You can consider taking up roles such as a family assistant or quality assurance reviewer, shows a recent study that lists the 10 most profitable part-time jobs. 

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Is your supervisor taking too much credit for your work?

You might not have to worry too much as positive opinions of a manager are also likely to cast his team in a good light, says journalist Tay Hong Yi in his latest askST Jobs column.


What to do if the stock market is making you depressed

Panic selling only locks in losses and causes you to forfeit future gains, says journalist Clara Chong in our latest Young & Savvy column. She shares what investors can do to take control of their portfolios.


Podcast: What you should know about the stock market in 2023

How will the better-performing sectors of 2022 fare now that we are in the new year? Associate editors Lee Su Shyan and Ven Sreenivasan answer this question and more in the latest episode of our Invest Talk podcast.


10 part-time jobs that won’t lose their shine

Family assistants, craftsmen and event representatives are among the most lucrative side hustle roles, according to a recent study.


We get a lot on personal finance wrong

The writer highlights several differences between formal economics and the school of life. 


When divorce puts spotlight on trust arrangements

Don’t take the creation of trusts lightly, says Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon, who notes lessons from a court case where a father tried to reclaim a $1.5 million condo given to his son.


What you should know before buying a property overseas

Think twice about investing in overseas properties simply because they are cheaper, says Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon, who adds that the last thing you should do is to assume that all real estate purchases will be profitable.


As China tech stocks roar back, a new normal will test upside

Various factors have led to a flurry of price target upgrades across the sector, though targets fall far short of their highs.


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