ST HeadSTart: How to move to a rival firm without burning bridges | Are digital banks a win for consumers?

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Good morning! One of the stories we're looking at this week will hopefully help you navigate one tricky situation: What can you do to not burn bridges with your current employer when moving to a rival firm?

Joining a competitor may make your current bosses feel resentful or angry, but the parting of ways doesn't need to be a difficult process, says manpower correspondent Calvin Yang. To avoid any issues, remember to fulfill all your commitments and ensure a smooth handover to your replacement.

Meanwhile, a recent survey found that good money management is an important must-have for many singles. Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon highlights more nuggets about how money features in the dating game, including how the meal tab should be split. 

Bai lan, antiwork, hustle: Do these terms sound familiar to you? These are some buzzwords about working life that you may already be doing or feeling without realising it.

Is there any particular term which best reflects your attitude towards work? Tell us more at

I've secured a job with a rival firm. What can I do so I don't burn bridges with my current employer?

The parting of ways, however awkward the circumstances may be, can be professional and dignified, says manpower correspondent Calvin Yang. How can you make sure of this? Honouring your contractual obligations and a farewell tea-time treat doesn't hurt.


Young & Savvy: How to find mentors at work and in life

Journalist Jessie Lim writes how guidance and advice from informal mentors have helped her negotiate the workplace, and shares some ways you can seek out such relationships, such as by contacting industry interest groups.


Who stands to gain from the new digital bank offerings?

The race in the digital banking space in Singapore has begun, with the likes of Grab and Singtel's GXS Bank and StanChart and NTUC's Trust Bank launching this week. While the jury's still out on who will win, it is definitely not consumers looking for better interest rates, says business correspondent Claire Huang.


Work Talk Podcast: What would you do if your manager gives you a bad appraisal?

In this latest podcast, senior correspondent Krist Boo discusses how work evaluations can be better, and whether appraisals should be done differently post-pandemic. Find out more.


Antiwork to quiet quitting: Eight terms that define working life today

Quiet quitting, or the act of getting your job done and not going over and beyond what's necessary, is just one of the latest terms that reflect the frustrations and aspirations of young people in the workplace today.


The five Ps of a good job and how public policy can help

As individuals weigh up their job and career options, they should consider several factors, including the prospects a job offers - in particular, the potential to acquire skills and earn higher wages over time, says Associate Professor Terence Ho from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.


Does being savvy with money make you more attractive to potential partners?

Which matters more to you: looks or financial savvy? According to a recent survey, single men and women said that good money management is not only an attractive quality, it is in fact a must-have in a partner. Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon shares more about how money features in the dating game.


New work pass for foreigners can also help Singapore retain local talent: Experts

A slew of changes to Singapore's work pass framework for foreign professionals was unveiled earlier this week, including the new five-year work pass targeting top talent earning a fixed monthly salary of at least $30,000 or a track record of outstanding achievements in various fields.


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