ST HeadSTart: How do I ask my boss for a pay raise?

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Good morning! This week, let's take a look at one of the trickiest questions to raise at work: How do you ask your boss for a better pay? 

Manpower correspondent Calvin Yang, in this latest edition of askST Jobs, outlines several key factors that employees should consider before knocking on their bosses' doors, such as doing your homework to support your case for better compensation. 

This nifty salary guide put together by my colleagues, which includes information on in-demand skills, may also come in handy. 

It's been close to two months since companies in Britain embarked on a four-day work week trial. Senior correspondent Krist Boo portrays a scenario on how employees could attempt to win over their managers about adopting a shorter work week in her latest Work/Life column.

Do you think a four-day week would work for your organisation? Tell us why at 

Alternative investments like art, NFTs and luxury watches have become more popular - such collectibles have appreciated in value and are a reliable inflation hedge. But as with all investments, you should also be wary of potential scams when wading into unfamiliar waters.

Am I alone in wondering why we spend the main part of our week working?

In this column, senior correspondent Krist Boo writes about what a petition to your boss to adopt a four-day work week might look like.


I am not happy with my salary. How do I ask my boss for a pay rise?

Is your pay within acceptable market range? It's one of the factors you should consider before storming up to your supervisor with demands for better compensation, as manpower correspondent Calvin Yang outlines in this edition of askST Jobs.


Sandwich generation has to be clever with finances

With various financial commitments between taking care of elderly parents and young children, the sandwich generation inevitably faces challenges in retirement planning. One tip to get on the right track: Set out your goal and work towards it. Check out others.


Some civil servants have salaries wrongly credited as remittance in bank statements

Several workers were worried that they would not be able to earn the higher interest of certain bank accounts that reward them for salary crediting, but some banks have assured that they will still accept the salary credits of those affected.


Are you paid as well as your peers?

Find out how your salary compares to others in similar roles or in the same age group in ST's 2022 salary guide, as well as what are the soft skills that are in demand.


Art, luxury bags and watches: Alternative investments amid inflation

While collectibles have appreciated in value and could be a reliable inflation hedge, aspiring collectors and investors should keep in mind that as with all investments, doing your research is key to success.


Career coaching-related skills in demand amid business and job transformation

Hiring demand for career coaches increased by 93 per cent from the second quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022, and more firms are also looking to hire for workplace learning roles.


The pitfalls of sharing a property

Making a shared property part of the family inheritance is not a straightforward matter. Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon highlights some implications to consider, such as the possibility of a part-owner being homeless.


Competitive rates by multi-currency card providers driving cashless tourism

Travelling soon? You might want to weigh up your options - paying in cash abroad may not always mean saving more.


Microsoft, Google are latest tech giants to hit brakes on hiring

Mounting fears of recession and other dampeners have resulted in tech companies rethinking their staffing needs, with some rescinding offers and starting layoffs amid the uncertainty.


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