ST HeadSTart: Does working overtime mean I'm inefficient? | Why we should talk about pay

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Good morning! One of the stories we're looking at today might be helpful if you often find yourself knocking off late, especially when you're working from home.

Having long hours does not necessarily mean you're inefficient, says manpower reporter Tay Hong Yi, who shares advice on how you can get to the root cause of working overtime.

Discussions about salary can be uncomfortable or even taboo in some situations. But here's why we should talk about our pay, says correspondent Clara Lock. 

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If you're buying gold jewellery, take note that appearance alone does not paint an accurate picture of the precious metal's purity. Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon highlights what to look out for when you shop for these items. 

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Does working overtime, especially at home, mean I’m inefficient?

Guilt from not being at the office and family commitments that punctuate the work day are among the reasons why you might be putting in long hours at home.


How much do you earn? Here’s why we should talk about salary

There is a culture of secrecy around discussions about salaries but these conversations can help you discover if you are behind the curve, writes correspondent Clara Lock.


When gold jewellery does not contain enough gold

It is difficult to ascertain the purity of gold jewellery based on appearance. Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon shares tips for buyers, including asking the store to spell out the item's metal content.


Why I quit my IT job and started writing for a living

The writer recalls how the Covid-19 pandemic drove him to quit his IT job so he could focus on writing, and the challenges and fulfilment he has encountered along the way.


Same old thing, in person or on Zoom

Senior correspondent Krist Boo explores how meetings have changed from a year ago in her satirical Work/Life column.


What should I do if a retrenchment exercise is coming?

The tech sector has seen a series of high-profile job cuts. Here are things you can do if you're affected by a retrenchment exercise.


Answers needed in curious case of FTX’s Singapore entity

Crypto darling FTX's fall from grace has raised questions over the exchange's management of its assets in Singapore and its impact on retail investors. 


Why you probably won’t win the big lottery

Evidence suggests that lottery players have a poor understanding of the risks they are taking, with only about 20 per cent of participants in a study correctly interpreting their odds of winning. 


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