SPH Magazines launches online portal for SME community

Owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) now have their very own online portal.

TowkayZone.com, launched on Friday by SPH Magazines, aims to provide a platform for the SME community to exchange ideas and seek advice from each other.

Since its soft launch in September last year, the site has attracted 4,000 unique visitors monthly and generated more than 400 forum threads.

Mr Terence Ang, the product manager for TowkayZone.com, said many business owners - or 'towkays' - have accumulated a wealth of experience over the years, but have never openly shared the secrets to their success.

"We would like them to share these experiences, and pass on their wisdom to future generations of business owners," he said.

Mr Eric Koh, the founder of travel portal Travelogy.com, said he welcomes the idea of having a forum for discussing startups and entrepreneurship.

"I don't think there's a credible online discussion forum yet in Singapore for entrepreneurs," he added.