SME clinic: Q&A

Q How should companies safeguard their overseas investments against political uncertainties?

A Political risks insurance (PRI) is an important tool for companies to safeguard their projects and/or investments in overseas markets against political uncertainties.

Companies can also use PRI to unlock access to mid- to long-term financing as it gives lenders additional comfort that the impact of political uncertainties over the performance of a project or investment has been mitigated.

IE Singapore's Political Risk Insurance Scheme (PRIS) helps qualifying Singapore companies receive premium support for PRI policies.

IE Singapore will support 50 per cent of the premium for up to the first three years of each PRI policy. This is subject to a maximum amount of $500,000 per qualifying Singapore-based company.

To take advantage of the scheme, approach any Singapore- registered PRI broker or insurer to structure and procure a policy.

Should your company qualify for support under the scheme; the broker or insurer will assist you in the submission of your application for PRIS premium support.

IE Singapore

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