Singapore investors fret over financial security of next generation: Manulife

SINGAPORE - Investors here are worried about the financial security of the next generation, according to a survey released on Monday.

Of investors aged 35 and older, 44 per cent believe that the generation after theirs will be financially worse off.

The quarterly survey by financial services group Manulife also found that only 29 per cent of these investors believe job security has improved since their parents' generation, and 40 per cent believe it has worsened.

The survey also asked investors about various aspects in life, and found that Singapore investors are least satisfied with their finances.

Only 38 per cent are happy with their financial situation, but at least 61 percent are happy with their marriage or family relationships.

Mr Naveed Irshad, Manulife Singapore's chief executive, said in a statement: "We see concerns across generations on their financial security. Long-term financial planning can help to ease these concerns and provide greater peace of mind."