Free Web info service for property owners

Property owners can now access free information on their property using a new online service called MyProperty.

The online service by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is available at and members of the public can use SingPass to log in.

To start with, property owners can view their title deeds and boundary plans on MyProperty.

Additional features will be rolled out in phases, including online alerts for property owners regarding documents lodged against their property title, and records related to their property, including caveat and mortgage documents.

Until then, members of the public who want to view a property's title deed or any encumbrance, such as a caveat lodged against it, need to buy the information via SLA's Integrated Land Information Service (Inlis) or over the counter.

A fee of between $5.25 and $16 is payable, depending on the type of information required and a person checking on his own property has to pay the same fees.

With the launch of MyProperty, property owners can now view their own title information without charge.

Currently, the online service includes all private property titles and about 130,000 Housing Board property titles that have been digitised. The rest of the HDB property titles are expected to go online by the end of 2019, said SLA.

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