Envisioning cityscapes of the future

Quality and innovation remain the hallmarks of City Developments Limited's projects

Amber Park, an iconic freehold 592-unit condominium in the East Coast area, is designed with sustainability in mind.
Amber Park, an iconic freehold 592-unit condominium in the East Coast area, is designed with sustainability in mind.

Few real estate companies in Singapore can boast a 55-year proven track record in property development, investment and management. City Developments Limited (CDL) is one of them.

A seven-time Quality Excellence Award – Quality Champion Platinum winner at this year’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Awards, CDL is renowned for its visionary leadership in shaping Singapore’s built landscape.

To date, the leading global real estate operating company — with a network spanning 103 locations in 29 countries and regions — has developed over 43,000 homes worldwide. Listed on the Singapore Exchange, its income-stable and geographically-diverse portfolio comprises residences, offices, hotels, serviced apartments, integrated developments and shopping malls.

Shining stars lighting the way

CDL is committed to building quality and innovative spaces for desirable homes. A strong factor for its market differentiation, notably, is its forward-thinking approach when it comes to building the homes of tomorrow.

Over the years, CDL has been one of the brightest stars at the BCA Awards, reflecting the developer’s consistent efforts in transforming Singapore’s built environment. Continually striving to set new benchmarks, the company is always building on its own achievements.

Each shiny accolade adds to CDL’s multitude of iconic green developments that are sensitively designed and built sustainably — aligned with its ethos of “Conserving as we Construct”. Two examples that stand out are the Tree House condominium, which achieved a Guinness World Record for world’s largest vertical garden in 2014 and 11 Tampines Concourse, the first CarbonNeutral® development in Asia-Pacific and Singapore. 

Sustainability is integral to CDL’s business and operations. This includes being at the forefront of green innovation and technologies, and setting goals and targets on par with best practices. For example, the developer was the first local real estate company to have its carbon reduction targets validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), which is fast-becoming a standard business practice among top global companies. CDL also established its Future Value 2030 blueprint, which sets out long-term Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals and targets towards milestone year 2030.

Since 2011, CDL has set a minimum target for all its new developments to be certified BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS, which exceeds the mandatory Green Mark certification level.

CDL’s recent new launches, Amber Park and Boulevard 88, are both BCA Award winners that tick all the boxes.

A star that shines from within

Amber Park, a freehold 592-unit condominium in the East Coast area, embraces design innovation. The Stratosphere, a rooftop recreational deck 235 feet above sea level, includes a 600m sky jogging track — a first for a condominium in Singapore, connecting three 21-storey towers. The Stratosphere also features a yoga deck, gymnasium, spa pool, gourmet dining, lounge, water features and landscaped garden.

Amber Park was also designed with sustainability in mind. A Green Mark GoldPLUSdevelopment, it is expected to achieve estimated energy and water savings of over 3.4 million kWh per year and over 110,000 m3 per year respectively.

Notable green features include optimal building orientation which allows for good natural ventilation while minimising heat gain, and sun shadings and performance glazing on the building façades to achieve maximum comfort for building occupants.

Its apartments and common areas are fitted with features that are kind to the environment — such as energy-efficient air-conditioners, Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS)-certified fittings, and energy-efficient lighting with the use of LED and sensors to help save electricity. The wireless smart home system in all units also helps with monitoring and reducing energy usage.

Furthermore, Amber Park’s landscaped areas will use automatic water-efficient irrigation systems and harvest rainwater to reduce potable water usage.

During construction, products certified by the Singapore Environment Council’s Singapore Green Labelling Scheme are used extensively to reduce impact on the environment. Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints will also be used for all internal walls to ensure healthy indoor air quality for occupants.

Launched in early May, Amber Park is expected to be completed by 2024.

Amber Park has a rooftop recreational deck 235 feet above sea level that includes a 600m sky jogging track. 

Let the brightest star shine

Boulevard 88, CDL’s ultra-high-end freehold residence along Orchard Boulevard, offers more than its exceptional design by renowned architect Moshe Safdie and excellent location.

CDL adopted the use of virtual design and construction technology during the design development phase, including the use of architectural 3D models to optimise building orientation and make informed decisions for the façade shading, ventilation and building layout. This technology helps to reduce heat gain and optimise energy consumption within the apartment units. 

Like Amber Park, Boulevard 88 is Green Mark GoldPLUS certified — a testament to its myriad energy- and water-efficient design features and fittings, and lush green landscapes. 

Boulevard 88 started private previews in March and is expected to be completed by 2023.

Boulevard 88, a freehold residence along Orchard Boulevard, has energy- and water-efficient design and fittings. 

Making the world a brighter place

How will CDL continue to raise the bar for innovation, design safety and sustainability?

Mr Sherman Kwek, CDL's Group Chief Executive Officer, says: “In view of Singapore’s changing climate and demographics, it is crucial to harness research and development as well as innovation and technology to continuously improve the design of buildings and spaces."

"To drive innovation for climate-resilient buildings, CDL collaborated with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to create the NUS-CDL Smart Green Home. This test laboratory will run trials for new building solutions such as energy-efficient methods to cool the interior of homes as well as ways to enhance indoor air quality and improve the level of comfort in sustainable homes of the future."

"Going forward, we will also focus on enhancing occupants’ wellness in our buildings. This will include introducing more greenery, exploring the use of natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic construction materials and implementing systems to measure, certify and monitor a building’s features that impact health and well-being. We will continue to evolve in our efforts to improve the sustainability and constructability of our projects while engaging and working closely with our supply chain and industry stakeholders.”

CDL’s long-standing commitment to sustainability and disclosure has been recognised by leading global sustainability rankings and benchmarks including FTSE4Good Index Series (since 2002),  MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes (since 2009), Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World (since 2010) and Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (since 2011).