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Developing the future of luxury

Hongkong Land’s sharp sensibilities and swift adaptability have kept it ahead of the pack for 130 years

Marina Bay Financial Centre. PHOTO: HONGKONG LAND
Marina Bay Financial Centre. PHOTO: HONGKONG LAND

The renowned developer behind commercial properties like One Raffles Link and Marina Bay Financial Centre, Hongkong Land has been charting the evolution of the global luxury development market since its founding in 1889. Constantly adapting to meet market trends and rising demands, the Group’s formula for success involves adopting best practices in environmental, social and governance issues — which have rewarded the Company with abundant opportunities for growth.

Hongkong Land now owns and manages more than 850,000 sq. m. of prime office and luxury retail property in key Asian gateway cities, principally in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and Jakarta. This vast and diverse portfolio will soon be expanded to include even more high-quality residential, commercial and mixed-use projects, which are under development in cities across Greater China and South-east Asia.

Known for its sharp business acumen and shrewd decision-making, the Group divulges that satisfying its tenants’ and customers’ demands — through the delivery of world-class services and products — has been the foundation of its global success.

Setting new benchmarks

The latest examples of innovative and tech-savvy offerings by Hongkong Land, Centricity and BESPOKE salon in Central, Hong Kong, were designed to meet the requirements of today’s tenants and customers.

Providing a collection of digital and physical services exclusively available to the Group’s tenants, Centricity even has a dedicated mobile app, an event space and a restaurant of its own. The mobile app facilitates food orders and enables tenants to access Hongkong Land’s premium concierge services, monitor taxi queues and more. 

Spanning 465 sq. m., BESPOKE salon indulges its members with premium amenities and special privileges, such as Michelin-starred catering, an in-house bar and VIP rooms, as well as high-tech shopping experiences.

Hongkong Land believes that by embracing innovation, opportunities to shape the culture and future of its business can be created. And in leveraging new technologies and practices to ensure its continued growth, the Group also makes it a point to create shared value for the benefit of its business, stakeholders and communities. 


Fostering a sustainable business

One way of creating such value is by making sustainability an integral part of strategic planning and operations. The Group has announced that it will continue to reduce its carbon footprint and invest in clean energy, innovative design and waste management, among others. 

While emphasising these goals in its 2019 Sustainability Report: Central to Our Future, the report reiterated Hongkong Land’s prioritisation of the health, safety and security of its tenants, visitors, employees and contractors. 

Meeting its affluent clientele’s needs may have elevated the prestige and trustworthiness of the brand, but Hongkong Land’s dedication towards corporate social responsibility and putting people first have also helped it garner loyalty and win the respect of its business partners around the world.

Globally, Hongkong Land is best known for bringing its expertise and experience to the development of world-renowned properties like The Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong, the World Trade Centre in Jakarta, Marina Bay Financial Centre in Singapore, Roxas Triangle Towers in Manila, and Gaysorn in Bangkok.

In the spirit of benefiting local communities, Hongkong Land has maintained strong relationships with various local authorities in order to shape a town or city with its strategic placemaking approach towards building. 

The Group’s enduring commitment to integrity, sustainability and partnerships has likewise translated to its bespoke residential projects, as evident in the development of Leedon Green. The upcoming freehold luxury condominium, nestled in the prime neighbourhood of Leedon Heights, is developed under MCL, a Hongkong Land company.

As Hongkong Land expands, there’s no doubt its familiarity with numerous global markets will continue to empower the Group to shape new design ideas, innovations, perspectives and initiatives.