Portfolio firm of S'pore-listed Trendlines wins US$2.25m to market new surgical instrument

SINGAPORE - A firm linked to Singapore-listed Trendlines has won US$2.25 million (S$3.2 million) in funding to start marketing and distribution of a new surgical instrument used in abdominal operations.

Gordian Surgical - a portfolio company of Trendlines - has just won US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory clearance for the device.

The instrument, known as the TroClose1200TM is described by the company as "an innovative trocar with integrated closure system for the suturing of abdominal wall incisions during laparoscopic surgical procedures".

A trocar is a surgical instrument with a three-sided cutting point enclosed in a tube, used for withdrawing fluid from a body cavity.

The aim is to market and distribute the instrument in the US and Europe.

"Gordian developed TroClose1200to give surgeons 'two-in-one' functionality: the device acts both as a trocar, through which surgical instruments enter the abdomen, and a device to close internal incisions made during surgery," Trendlines said in a press release published on the Singapore Exchange website on Tuesday (Dec 6).

"The sutures are inserted into the tissue at the beginning of the procedure and anchored to remain in place throughout the operation, allowing incisions to be closed easily and quickly upon removal of the device."