Online channels most popular source for job search: Poll

PROFESSIONALS here have taken to online channels like ducks to water when it comes to searching for a job, a new survey has found.

Social networking sites for professionals and online job boards are the two most popular options. In all, 63 per cent of professionals use social professional networks to track down job opportunities, followed by online job boards at 60 per cent.

Despite all that digital job hunting, good old-fashioned word-of-mouth came in third at 55 per cent.

The 2015 Talent Trends study was conducted by LinkedIn - itself a professional network - surveying more than 20,000 professionals in 29 countries. In Singapore, 542 professionals were polled.

Online channels were also the most popular source for professionals in Hong Kong to find jobs.

A total of 61 per cent of professionals there used online job boards, followed by social professional networks at 56 per cent.

Ms Feon Ang, head of talent solutions for Asia Pacific and Japan at LinkedIn, said: "A strong employer brand is more critical than ever for companies in the war for talent. One way for companies to stand out is to marry social professional networks and word-of- mouth recommendations by encouraging their employees to be their ambassadors in today's digital age."

The survey also found that the proportion of Singaporeans who rated compensation as the top factor in evaluating a job opportunity was nearly double that of last year's figure.

Just over half, or 51 per cent, cited remuneration as their top priority this year, up from 29 per cent last year.

Work-life balance and professional development both came in second at 32 per cent.

The importance of work-life balance has increased in Singapore, from 22 per cent last year.

An even more substantial 58 per cent of professionals in Hong Kong rated compensation as the most important factor for evaluating a job opportunity. Work-life balance was the second most important factor at 29 per cent.

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