Minecraft creator buys Beverly Hills mansion for US$70 million

LOS ANGELES - Markus "Notch" Persson, the Swedish creator of the video game Minecraft, has bought an eight-bedroom, 15-bathroom mnasion in Beverly Hills, California, for US$70 million (about S$92 million) , media reports said.

This is the highest price ever paid for a home in the exclusive neighbourhood.

Persson, who sold his company, Mojang AB, to Microsoft for US$2.5 billion in September, reportedly outbidded married music moguls Beyonce and Jay Z for the 2,100 sq metre home.

The mansion also comes with an 18-seat movie theatre, apartment-sized closets, a candy room, a replica of the Triumph motorcycle James Dean rode in The Wild One, and a wall made up of three 90-inch televisions that pipe in a live feed of the Los Angeles skyline into the basement.

At least 20 US homes have sold for US$50 million or more since 2010, Bloomberg News reported. The highest current US asking price is US$195 million for Palazzo di Amore, a 12-bedroom, 23-bathroom Beverly Hills estate owned by real estate entrepreneur Jeffrey Greene.