JTC to release more comprehensive industrial property market data

SINGAPORE - Industrial property landlord JTC is releasing more comprehensive industrial property market data, in a bid to increase transparency and help industrialists make more informed decisions.

Industrialists will now be able to search for rental and price data for various industrial sites - down to the street level - on JTC's website.

The data will go back three years.

JTC will also break down the quarterly statistics it releases on price and rental developments in the market by region, so industrialists will be able to compare the cost of space across different parts of the island.

Previously, only changes in the overall industrial price and rental indices were published.

This will allow industrialists to make conparisons across various site options, said Mr Leong Hong Yew, the director of JTC's market planning division.

The latest data on the industrial property market, which JTC also released on Thursday, showed that the cost of industrial space continued to moderate in the first three months of the year.

Rentals of industrial space went up 4.9 per cent in the quarter over the same period a year ago, and rose just 0.4 per cent over the preceding quarter.

Rentals of multiple-user factory space - most commonly used by small and medium sized enterprises - were up 4.5 per cent in the quarter over last year, and rose 1.3 per cent over the preceding quarter.

In comparison, industrial rents have risen 10.6 per cent per year on average over the past four years.

The moderation in industrial rents is expected to continue as more supply comes on the market over the next three years, said Mr Leong.