Are high fees stopping you from investing? This trading and investment specialist wants to change that

Saxo’s reduced transaction prices, together with its user-friendly platform experience, can help you make an impact through your investment

To support investors looking to enter and make the most of the volatility in the markets, Saxo Markets lowered some of its charges to make it affordable for those who want to trade and work towards their financial goals. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Covid-19 has impacted the world in many ways, and one of the trends that has emerged is a spike in more people taking charge of their money and investments.

Spurred by the market volatility caused by the pandemic, more investors have entered the financial markets than ever before, hoping to ride the volatility, regardless of their level of experience with the financial markets.

At the same time, movement restrictions have also led to more people having to work from home, giving them the time and headspace to review their portfolios and explore new ways to invest their money.

Trade SGX with no minimum commission

To support investors looking to enter and make the most of the volatility in the markets, Saxo Markets lowered some of its charges to make it affordable for those who want to trade and work towards their financial goals.

As a trading and investment specialist that has always been committed to breaking down barriers for people to access the financial markets, Saxo knows how important it is for people to feel like they, too, have a shot at making their money work for them.

Even as technology has made it easier to trade via apps that make placing a trade or investing into mutual funds just a few taps away, navigating the markets can still be daunting for many. Commission fees and complex price structures are also factors that are holding people back from doing more with their investments.

As Saxo serves more clients than ever, it wants to help better support them in their journey to make more informed and optimal investment decisions.

Besides having no minimum commission on SGX equities, Saxo is also offering free live prices on many stock exchanges, including those in Singapore, the US and Hong Kong. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Starting Nov 9, Saxo eliminated its minimum commission charge on Singapore Exchange (SGX) equities. This benefit is available till April 30, 2021, to all new clients, both private individuals and joint accounts, who sign up for a Saxo account. Separately, Saxo's commission rate remains at 0.08 per cent, the lowest in the market.

The change means that new clients will pay only the commission rate of 0.08 per cent, without having to incur any minimum commission, which was previously SG$10.

In addition, existing clients' minimum commission on SGX equities is also halved from SG$10 to SG$5.

"Pricing structures and complexities are often cited as challenges for investors looking to navigate the markets and place trades. We are dedicated to removing these barriers for our clients, as more investors now turn to us to fulfil their financial aspirations and to make an impact, whether it's through their investments or the outcome of their investments," says Mr Adam Reynolds, Asia Pacific CEO, Saxo Markets.

That's not all. For users who want to access global markets, Saxo is offering free live prices on many stock exchanges, including those in Singapore, the US and Hong Kong.

Potential investors need to place only a minimum of four trades each month on each respective stock exchange - except for the Australian Stock Exchange, which requires a minimum of six transactions - and they will be entitled to quarterly rebates to access live prices.

Live, real-time prices are crucial as they allow investors to enter and exit the market with more confidence.

"The free live prices feature has always been available, but we are making it even more visible for clients so that they can tap into it to make more timely and relevant decisions in the markets at no cost, provided they're active in trading the markets," says Mr Reynolds.

Enjoy premium digital features without paying a premium

The reduced prices applies to all clients, no matter which of the three online trading platforms they are using: SaxoInvestor, SaxoTraderGO, and SaxoTraderPRO. It is free to open an account, and investors can choose which digital features suit them the best without worrying about extra, additional or hidden fees.

At a time where every cent counts, Saxo believes that potential investors should not have to choose between investing for earnings and saving up for the future. As a result, it wants to help by minimising the costs of trading to enable maximum benefits.

It doesn't stop at just price. Saxo also provides ample support for both new and existing clients, with video guides on how to use the platforms, online courses on the products, and regular live webinars on the markets and the macro environment.

Saxo understands that different investors have different needs and level of experience with trading and investing, and there is a platform for everyone.

SaxoInvestor is created for no-fuss investors who want a user-friendly mobile platform. The one-stop platform provides everything needed for investors to invest quickly and securely.

From here, investors can make, manage and research different market instruments from their desktop, phone and laptop. It offers investment products including stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, bonds, mutual funds, managed portfolios and Regular Savings Plans.

For a level-up feel, Saxo offers a platform with a comprehensive range of trading and investing features with a user-friendly interface. SaxoTraderGO features an enhanced trade ticker, engineered for speed and efficiency during trading.

It allows traders to access over 40,000 markets, live prices and charts, a range of trading tools including chart pattern analysis and risk-management features, a wealth of subjective market analysis and round-the-clock commentary from SaxoStrats analysts around the world.

SaxoTraderPRO is designed with advanced trading features and high-performance tools to manage and execute orders. Built for professional traders who are adept with four- to six-screen trading workstations, it is equipped with innovative features and unique tools to manage risk and control investment positions.

The three platforms sync with each other, meaning clients can access them through one account. Their trades and investments will be shown across all platforms.

To find out more about how Saxo's reduced prices can help you make an impact, visit Saxo's website here.

Please consider Saxo's Risk Warning, General Business Terms and Disclaimer before trading. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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