Singapore, Indonesia to share expertise on e-commerce logistics

SINGAPORE - Kicking off two learning-exchange programmes between Singapore and Indonesia, about 100 public sector leaders and education specialists gathered in a half-day leadership workshop to share e-commerce related challenges from their jobs.

This learning exchange comes as part of both nations' bilateral efforts to develop a digital economy, and will focus on two tracks in public administration and technical education.

In particular, Temasek Foundation International, Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE), and Republic Polytechnic (RP) will work with the Indonesian government to share their knowledge in the area of e-commerce logistics, the organisations said in a joint statement.

Three Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) covering two learning exchange programmes were signed by the parties on Monday (March 12).

As part of Indonesia's e-commerce roadmap, state-owned postal services provider, PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) has also been appointed as the coordinating agency for the implementation due to its "wide networks across Indonesia", the statement said.

The first MOU was signed between SCE, and the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Indonesia.

This two year programme is backed by Temasek Foundation International's grant of S$620,899, which will support the sharing sessions in both nations; and be co-funded by Indonesia's Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs.

Among other things, the programme aims to build capabilities of 100 officials ministries and government-linked organisations in Indonesia to develop a strategy for e-commerce logistics.

To do so, the SCE will conduct a series of customised workshops by aggregating relevant expertise from Singapore's public and private sectors.

Said Persero's president-director, Gilarsi Wahju Setijono: "The relevance of Pos Indonesia and other players in the logistics industry is pretty much dependent on whether or not we are capable to cope with changes and disruptions within the industry. Through this cooperation, Pos Indonesia's human resources can gain valuable knowledge and experiences".

Separately, the second MOU was signed between RP and Indonesia's Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education; while the third MOU was signed between RP and POS Indonesia Educational Foundation.

Simliarly, Temasek International Foundation will grant S$482,120 for training resources for the two-year programme, with the other parties providing co-funding.

This second programme will focus on enhancing technical education courses in supply chain management for e-commerce offered by some polytechnics in Indonesia. It will also reach out to 120 participants, including 105 specialists and 15 leaders from four polytechnics, and relevant government agencies.

Said RP's deputy principal (academic services), Dr Michael Koh: "For over 15 years, RP has provided students with a holistic learning experience and nurtured them into industry-ready professionals. Through the sharing of RP's Problem-based Learning pedagogy, coupled with our institution's capabilities in supply chain management, we hope to equip participants with effective curriculum design, delivery and assessment skills that allows them to respond to the changing dynamics of the industry."

Temasek Foundation International is a Singapore-based non-profit philanthropic organisation that funds and supports programmes, which aim to build capabilities with partners in Asia and beyond. This is the first time the foundation is supporting two programmes with different focus areas within the e-commerce logistics industry.

Meanwhile, SCE is an agency formed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore to respond to foreign requests to tap on Singapore's development experience.

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