Budget 2016: Use our calculator to find out what you'll get

SINGAPORE - Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat on Thursday (March 24) announced measures including GST voucher, CPF Medisave top-ups for older Singaporeans and service and conservancy rebates when he presented his first Budget.

For the elderly, the new Silver Support Scheme that gives cash allowances to lower-income seniors will cost $320 million this year and is expected to increase as the population ages and more cross the cut-off age of 65 to qualify for the allowance.

For the workers and businesses, the existing Workfare Income Supplement scheme has been made more generous, and $770 million is to be paid out next year.

For families, parents of Singaporean babies born from March 24 onwards will get $3,000 up front in their child's Child Development Account under the new First Step Grant.

Find out if you qualify for any of the schemes with our Budget 2016 calculator:

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