Britain may need 'some time' to reach Brexit consensus, says BoE's Mark Carney

Carney (above) said the risk of a no-deal Brexit had been lowered., PHOTO: REUTERS

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) - British politicians may now take some time to find a way forward on Brexit, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said on Thursday (April 11), after Prime Minister Theresa May agreed a potential six-month delay to leaving the European Union.

Carney told a meeting of the Marshall Forum group in Washington that the risk of a no-deal Brexit had been lowered, but it remained to be seen how well the extra time was used.

"It provides a window of time for a political process, particularly in the UK, to forge a consensus within the House of Commons around the form of agreement. We will see how that time is used," Carney said.

"Right up until yesterday it could be argued that the UK had run out of time to forge that consensus... There are cross-party talks to try to find that, and that may take some time," he added.

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