7 in 10 Singaporeans support schemes to help vulnerable: Poll

Most Singaporeans support measures in the recent Budget aimed at helping the elderly and vulnerable, according to a telephone poll by Government feedback unit Reach.

A total of 1,327 randomly selected citizens aged 20 and above were polled, and the sample was weighted by gender, age and race, Reach said yesterday. About 70 per cent of those polled said they were supportive of the initiatives announced in the Budget.

A similar percentage agreed that the changes to the Workfare Income Supplement scheme - such as higher and more frequent payouts - will provide significant help to low-wage workers.

About 68 per cent of respondents agreed that the Silver Support Scheme - which gives the elderly poor a basic allowance to supplement their income - would give significant support to the low-income elderly.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of those polled said the enhancements to the Special Employment Credit and Workfare Training Support Scheme for disabled workers would encourage employers to hire those with disabilities.

Mr Sam Tan, Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office and Ministry of Manpower, and Reach chairman, said the results were "encouraging".

"This is a step forward in building the caring and resilient community which we have been emphasising," he added.

The poll also showed 58 per cent of respondents agreed that measures such as the one-off GST Voucher and rebates for service and conservancy charges will help households cope better with the cost of living.

Chia Yan Min

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