Contribute to projects on StarHub's new crowdfunding platform

The iBam is set to be the world's first compact electricity-free bamboo speaker for any mobile phone. -- ST PHOTO: MATTHIAS HO
The iBam is set to be the world's first compact electricity-free bamboo speaker for any mobile phone. -- ST PHOTO: MATTHIAS HO

SINGAPORE - Telco Starhub is aiming to raise more than $400,000 for 12 projects on its recently-launched crowdfunding platform Crowdtivate.

Members of the public can support their favourite projects - all of which are Asia-based - by creating an account on Crowdtivate and making contributions through PayPal or major credit cards.

Below is the list of the 12 projects, five of which are world firsts and three are pioneers in Asia:

Technology Projects

1. Kairos Watches 

Founder: Sam Yang; Target: $20,000

The world's first and only mechanical smart watch hybrid, combining the art of traditional watch-making with the latest technologies available in mobile computing.

2. Joyride

Founder: Jason Liew; Target: $25,000

Joyride recognises that transport can be a pain and intends to make commuting awesome with its real-time ridesharing/carpooling app. The Joyride app connects passengers looking for cheap and convenient commutes (Joyriders) to nearby drivers with seats to share (Joydrivers), based on their common destinations, interests and preferences.

3. Ambi Climate 

Founder: Julian Lee; Target: $50,000

World's first standalone device that pairs with air conditioners to deliver predictive, personalised indoor comfort. It works with any air conditioner that has a remote control. Use it to get the perfect indoor temperature, manage your air-conditioning usage and save money.

4. SaySelfie

Founder: Joel Chue; Target: $15,000

World's first mobile app that allows mobile users to use the main camera of their phone to take picture-perfect selfies.

5. iBam 2 Singapore Edition

Founder: Muhd Ibnur Rashad; Target: To be announced

World's first compact electricity-free bamboo speaker for any mobile phone, created with simplicity in design, beauty in sound and excellence in ethics and aesthetics. This special Crowdtivate version will be engraved with the Singapore skyline.

6. Cloudmining.SG

Founder: Peter Yeo; Target: $150,000

This two-month-old startup has created a platform to consumers to "rent-a-server" where they can earn Bitcoins by performing transaction verifications on the global network. Instead of running costly mining hardware at home or dealing with company pre-orders, consumers can now log onto the CloudMining.SG website, pick a plan and start mining in minutes.

Assistive Technology Projects

7. Radio Bike Lane

Founder: Rowena B; Target: $40,000

A world's first, this special device can temporarily "hijack" a vehicle driver's FM radio on popular channels and alert the driver that a cyclist/jogger is nearby. This could come in useful at night and for blindspots, or near road bends where the driver may not be able to see the cyclist/jogger.

8. WaryBee

Founder: Ray Teng; Target: $50,000

An Asia-first fashionable wearable device that can call for help from loved ones at a push of a button. Your request automatically includes your location information and a number to call. You can also use it to share your location and send messages to a loved one.

9. SwipeTap

Founder: Nicole Budiman; Target: $3,000

Asia's first smartphone input app developed specially for stroke survivors or for users who can only make very small minute movements of their fingers.

Creative Projects

10. Public Relations 24/7 Book

Founder: Andrew Chow; Target $15,000

This book is written with entrepreneurs and business owners in mind, to impart the art of public relations and 50 proven strategies for pitching to the media.

11. "Peides Curse: Earth" Board Game

Founder: Vence Chong; Target: $23,000

A strategic board game for 2-4 players. Battle for the survival of Earth and mankind in hostile landscapes where danger lurks at every corner. Put on the superhero's persona and harvest its power to stop Evil from spreading its malevolent supremacy over Earth. Break the curse now!

12. Ruby Chen's Album

Founder: Ruby Chen; Target: $15,000

Ruby is the Singapore Char Siew Baos' lead vocalist. The band was a semi-finalist in local talent competition One Moment Of Glory. It now performs regularly at venues such as Hood Bar and Café, Jewelbox, Fivebar and Da Paolo as well as other events, such as 2014 Countdown Celebration. This campaign is for her first Mandarin album. Her first personal album, Circles, was launched in February this year.