YuuZoo to distribute and market mobile games for 11 of world's most popular football clubs

The YuuZoo booth at Soccerex Global Convention filled with everyone involved in the global football business.
The YuuZoo booth at Soccerex Global Convention filled with everyone involved in the global football business. PHOTO: YUUZOO/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - Mainboard-listed YuuZoo Corp has tied up with Sweden-based Circle of Champions Inc (CoC) to distribute and market its mobile games Powershot Challenge and Striker Challenge.

The games have been created for 11 of the world's top football clubs namely Barcelona, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester City, AC Milan, Glasgow Celtic, Liverpool, Benfica, Roma and Arsenal.

Under the agreement, YuuZoo plans to build online "virtual clubhouses" for the football teams, which will facilitate downloading of the games, and enable fans to purchase merchandise, interact with other fans and club representatives, and, where YuuZoo has the relevant rights, engage in online gaming, said YuuZoo in a statement.

The revenues from all activities, including in-app purchases, e-commerce, advertising and gaming, will be shared between CoC and YuuZoo.

The teams which CoC has contracts with have a combined global fan base of over one billion with some 320 million registered on Facebook, said YuuZoo.

The games are structured as competitions, in which the gamer chooses the team and the player avatar, and tries to score in a series of 5 kick-offs. The gamer can enhance player attributes by buying packs, priced from 1.79 euros (S$2.86) up to 89.99 euros.

The packs help the player to win the competition, as well as giving an opportunity to win exclusive "money-can't-buy" prizes, including the possibility to be flown to the club of his choice and participate in the club's training sessions and view top games in VIP stadium seats, including Champions' League games.

As a result of the exclusive "money-can't-buy" prizes the average revenue per paying user has reached as high as US$295 (after Apple or Google store share) per year, said YuuZoo.

The company said it has already begun talks with its TV network partners in China and Africa for the possible launch of TV shows that would market the games to their respective viewers. In addition, YuuZoo will market the games to its recently acquired 31 million mobile gamers user-base, which sits mainly in China and other Asian countries.

CoC is a recently formed 50-50 joint venture between ICYOU AB of Sweden and Mobile FutureWorks, a controlling shareholder of YuuZoo.