Upcoming SME Events

Family Business Forum 2017 - Managing change in today's uncertain environment

Date: Aug 1

Time: 8.30am to 2pm

Venue: Conrad Centennial Singapore

Fees: $53.50 for SBF members, $96.30 for non-members

As Singapore undergoes economic restructuring and technological disruption continues to challenge traditional business models, family firms need to reinvent themselves to continue their legacies.

This forum, organised by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), will allow family businesses to share their stories of managing transitions within the family and how they are transforming their companies to remain competitive and relevant.

To register or find out more, contact rachelho@sbf.org.sg.

SIATP-ISCA: Tax must-knows

Date: July 28

Time: 9am to 11.30am

Venue: 60, Cecil Street, ISCA House

Fees: $96.30 for SIATP/ISCA members, $115.56 for non-members

With tax regulations constantly changing, it is crucial for businesses to keep up to date.

This seminar, jointly organised by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants and the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals, aims to help business owners gain a firm understanding of the latest developments in the Asia-Pacific.

Participants can also acquire important insights from an accredited tax adviser to better understand the relevant tax implications affecting their organisations.

For more information and registration, e-mail cpe@isca.org.sg or call 6749-8060.

iAdvisory forum: Going global with digital

Date: July 27

Time: 9.30am to 5.30pm

Venue: ParkRoyal on Beach Road

Fees: $150

This year's iAdvisory forum will highlight how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can expand globally with digital transformation and capture opportunities in China, India and South-east Asia.

Participants can learn from, and connect with, Singapore companies that have expanded overseas as a result of their digital transformation.

Digital and market experts will also share global and regional trends SMEs need to take advantage of.

To register, visit https://www.gevme.com/going-global-with-digital.

For more information, e-mail randyce_ng@iesingapore.gov.sg

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