Trendlines ties up with National Healthcare Group to develop solutions for clinical needs

SINGAPORE - Trendlines Group is tying up with National Healthcare Group (NHG) to identify unmet clinical needs and develop technological solutions for these, with the eventual possibility of setting up start-ups to commercialise these solutions.

Under the memorandum of understanding both parties signed on Thursday (Nov 16), the NHG will identify key problem statements and unmet clinical needs while Trendlines Medical Singapore and its affiliated companies will develop innovative solutions to address these needs.

Both will work closely to refine the development of these solutions through NHG's clinical infrastructure.

Three potential areas of collaboration have already been identified, they said in a joint media release. These are: innovations to improve the condition of in-patients with fragile skin; more efficient ways to monitor vital signs; and more effective solutions to ensure the safe delivery of nutrition to patients.

The group foresees that it may eventually establish start-up companies in Singapore to develop the solutions into commercial products for the global market.