Tat Hong's unit to sell Australian properties

SINGAPORE - Tutt Bryant Group (TBG) , a Tat Hong Holdings unit, is selling and leasing back five Australian properties, said the mainboard-listed company.

Tat Hong said it wants to monetise TBG's properties and redeploy the cash proceeds, such as reducing TBG's bank borrowings and for working capital.

TBG has entered a conditional sale and leaseback agreement with TransLinQ Income to do so.

The move will see interest cost savings of about A$1.7 million per annum (S$2 million), assuming that all the proceeds are used to repay bank borrowings.

Depreciation charges will be reduced by about A$0.4 million per annum (S$0.5million).

TBG will lease the properties from TransLinQ for 10 years, at about A$2.5 million per annum (S$2.9 million), with a consumer price index (CPI) adjustment and market review every four years.

The company said that the rental rate represents a yield of 8.2 per cent to TransLinQ, which is reflective of the rental yield in the Australian market.