Staying competitive in 2022: How to take your business online, no coding needed

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can now build their own websites and e-stores quickly and easily, using GoDaddy's suite of end-to-end digital solutions


As the year-end holiday season approaches, so has the time come to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions and goals. For SME owners, seeing your business reach new heights would certainly be in the plans and to stay competitive you know you have to bring your A game in the digital-driven world.  

The journey to digitisation typically starts with a website, and with online services platform GoDaddy, getting started is easy. The company offers a one-stop shop suite of digital solutions, with everything from purchasing one’s first domain name, to setting up an impressive website and even an e-store, with no tech skills required.

More than just a domain name seller

Many people are familiar with GoDaddy as one of the top places to purchase a website domain name, but the company offers so much more. GoDaddy is empowering every entrepreneurs around the world by providing all the help and tools to succeed online.

With GoDaddy, people can come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers, sell their products and services, and manage their work.  

Build your own website, no tech skills needed

Purchasing a website domain is just the start of digitising your business. and GoDaddy's suite of digital solutions ensure you are in good hands no matter what stage you are at. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Getting your business to go digital is easy with GoDaddy’s end-to-end digital solutions. You can set up a professional-looking website and your own e-store all by yourself, with no programming or tech knowledge needed.

GoDaddy’s powerful Website Builder tool offers more than 1,500 professionally designed templates that can suit almost any business. Once you have decided on your website’s design, building the rest of your site is simple with the Website Builder’s drag-and-drop functions. You can add images, pages, and even entire sections of a website with the click of a mouse.

All websites created using GoDaddy’s Website Builder are also automatically mobile adaptive, with no extra coding or programming needed. This means that the website automatically adapts its layout for mobile phone or tablet screens so that your customers can get the best user experience across all their devices.

Set up modern, flexible e-stores

GoDaddy's E-Store not only lets you sell your products on your own site, it helps you gain sales everywhere. It lets you easily list your products on Facebook and even keeps your inventory in sync. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Entrepreneurs who are hoping to reach out to a greater audience online, or even go global with their businesses, will be delighted with the features found on the GoDaddy E-Store. This powerful tool lets you create a modern, flexible online store that can speak to customers in their own language, manages your inventory, and accepts more than 40 payment methods, including major credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe. It also has integrated social media tools that help you target customers where they spend time the most, and pull them into your website.

When you are looking at establishing a strong online presence, it’s important that you look at not only how to grow it, but also how to manage that growth. 

GoDaddy’s Web Security service offerings include firewall and malware protections, as well as conducting site cleanups and secure backups. While big businesses often hire professionals to do Search Engine Optimization to make websites rank higher on search engines like Google, some tools like GoDaddy’s SEO that is embedded in its Websites+Marketing, E-Store, and Digital Marketing Suite, has an easy to follow walkthrough tool and will give you tips on how to improve your website’s search rankings. When combined with GoDaddy’s Digital Marketing Suite, that helps makes their businesses stand out to their target audiences online.

Support when you need it

GoDaddy provides round-the-clock support, so you can be assured that you are able to receive assistance at all times of the day. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Setting up a website may be easy with GoDaddy’s powerful Website Builder tool, but that doesn’t mean you’re left to your own devices. The company’s award-winning support team is contactable at any time, offering 24/7 support whenever you need help. You can choose to get in touch with a support team member via phone, or simply use the chat feature that is available on the GoDaddy website management dashboard.

With round-the-clock support, entrepreneurs and business owners can be assured that they are able to receive assistance at all times of the day, meaning that delays and downtimes can be minimized. From getting website building tips, to step-by-step guides on website maintenance, the GoDaddy support team has got your back.

Kick-start your business’ New Year’s resolution

The start of the year is always a good time for fresh changes. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you can give your company a great head-start by making digitisation one of your business’ New Year’s resolutions for 2022.

To take your first step into the digital space, visit to find out more today.

As a bonus, GoDaddy is inviting entrepreneurs to dream big this New Year, with a special giveaway featuring gifts that are designed to encourage business owners to go digital and Make a Different Future for their businesses. Click here for more information on how to participate.

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