Stay invested but don't throw caution to the wind

I have been tracking and analysing markets for almost 30 years, but the past 10 years were the most unusual and difficult years for analysts like me, as markets experienced a confluence of unprecedented events and uncertainties that effectively caused a big paradigm shift and heralded a new normal for financial markets.

So much has happened in the past 10 years. Whoever thought that the United States financial system would run into the kind of serious problems we saw in 2007/2008, which caused a serious global financial crisis? Whoever thought that Europe would run into a massive debt crisis that brought the region to its knees and almost caused "bankruptcy" among several European economies? Brexit and US President Donald Trump's victory were other black swan events that caused shock waves. China's unexpected devaluation of its currency in 2015 was another unthinkable event that caused a sell-off in global markets.


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