Riding the e-commerce wave: How having the right website will level up your business

Singapore and the rest of Asia is experiencing an e-commerce boom, and businesses here can seize the opportunity by setting up their own online stores to sell to the world

With GoDaddy’s one-stop suite of digital tools and solutions, you can build and manage a digital presence and more by yourself, with little or no tech skills required. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

The year-end festive season is always a highlight for businesses. If there is one takeaway we can learn from this year’s festivities, it is that Singaporeans are getting a lot of their shopping done online. This is good news for entrepreneurs, business owners, and hobbyists alike, as the growing e-commerce trend in Singapore, and across Asia, makes for great opportunities to sell online and grow one’s business.

Over the last couple of years, e-commerce spending has increased tremendously, with sales in Singapore expected to grow to US$10 billion by 2026, according to a report released by Facebook and management consultancy Bain & Company.

Entrepreneurs and business owners may want to consider coming onboard this exciting trend, as they look for new ways to accelerate their businesses in the new year. For hobbyists, this rising trend may become an opportunity to turn one’s passion into a new source of income, paving the way to a brighter 2022.

Setting up a website and an e-store may sound daunting, but with GoDaddy’s one-stop suite of digital tools and solutions, you can build and manage a digital presence and more by yourself, with little or no tech skills required.

All the help and tools you need to go online

As the world’s largest domain name registrar, GoDaddy offers complete end-to-end solutions for businesses of any size to build an online presence, sell online, and reach more customers.

The powerful GoDaddy Website Builder tool features a simple drag-and-drop interface to create a beautiful, professional-looking website. It is accompanied by a suite of services including an e-store builder, website security plans, and integrated digital marketing solutions, that are all designed to work together to help businesses go online quickly and efficiently.

For larger businesses or those looking for a more customised scale, GoDaddy also offers WordPress hosting. It comes with pre-built themes that are easy to customize and complete with images. There are also thousands of third-party WordPress themes and plugins to choose from, along with the ability to easily manage multiple websites efficiently.

Build your own e-store

Creating an e-store is not as difficult as you think. With GoDaddy E-Store, you can easily build your very own online storefront using the powerful in-browser tool. There are dozens of customisable e-store templates that not only look beautiful but are specially designed to encourage making purchases.

GoDaddy's Website Builder features a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create beautiful, professional-looking websites. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

With  most of the functions and features in GoDaddy E-Store being a drag-and-drop, it is easy to build and setup a unique online store to sell products and services.

Sell to anyone, anywhere in the world

Besides its easy-to-use interface, GoDaddy E-Store comes ready with many features that can help you craft a modern, flexible, and professional e-store that is designed to offer your customers an engaging online shopping experience designed to help make purchasing easy and enjoyable.

If you are ready to sell your products to the world, you can use GoDaddy E-Store to launch a multilingual online shopfront, either with manually translated text, or with the help of the built-in automatic translator. To make purchases simple and fuss-free for customers, the E-Store system also lets you accept up to 40 different payment methods, including major credit cards, Paypal, and Stripe. GoDaddy also supports multiple currencies and can offer real-time shipping quotes. This means that you can cater to almost any customer, whether they are from Singapore, or anywhere else in the world.

GoDaddy E-Store can be used for businesses of any size, with features to support everything from small hobby stores to large online shops. Larger businesses can build massive online stores and showcase up to 2,500 different products. On the backend, an inventory management system lets you track purchases across all your marketplaces.

Smaller businesses and hobbyists will be happy to learn that GoDaddy E-Store supports digital content as well. So, if you are a content creator and produce music, videos, or other digital content, you can sell them directly from your own online store.

Go further with integrated marketing and business tools

GoDaddy’s digital solutions go beyond just helping businesses build websites and online stores. The company also offers a digital marketing suite, web security plans and business productivity tools to help businesses thrive online.

GoDaddy's digital marketing suite includes a social media management platform that can help you develop and drive all your marketing activities. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

The digital marketing suite is a great tool for startups and small businesses who are looking to create and build awareness for their new website, and to bring more customers to their store. This complete suite of services includes Search Engine Optimisation, a content creator tool, and a social media management platform that can help you develop and drive all your marketing activities.

To make communicating with your customers more efficient, GoDaddy also offers professional email addresses that are linked to your domain name. You may also want to consider syncing your store’s professional email address with the full Microsoft 365 productivity suite for increased efficiencies in managing your online business.

A new start for the New Year

The e-commerce boom is only expected to increase in 2022, as more businesses recognise the importance and benefits of having an online presence and developing an online brand.

This is a great time to help your business go digital as well, so that your company is not missing out on these new opportunities to reach out to more customers in Singapore, and across the world. To take your first step into the digital space, visit to find out more today.As part of their ongoing efforts to support entrepreneurs and to celebrate the New Year, GoDaddy is offering a variety of special offers to help you Make A Different Future. Click here for more information on how to participate.

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