Moving as ONE (Ocean Network Express)

The birth of new players such as ONE (Ocean Network Express) marks an exciting new chapter in the history of containerisation.
The birth of new players such as ONE (Ocean Network Express) marks an exciting new chapter in the history of containerisation.PHOTO: OCEAN NETWORK EXPRESS

What we wear, eat and use are shipped to us in a container.  Unknown to many, this humble box drives the global economy - 90 per cent of world trade to be exact. Invented in the 1950s by American Malcolm McLean, it is one of the greatest breakthroughs since the wheel. Without the shipping of containers, we would be cut off from daily necessities, and modern life could, literally, come to a standstill.

The birth of new players such as ONE (Ocean Network Express in full) marks an exciting new chapter in the history of containerisation. Unifying the diverse strengths of three Japanese shipping titans, ONE aspires to achieve only one thing – to be number one in the hearts of customers.

Three greats, one vision

A joint venture among Japan’s ‘Big Three’ shipping lines, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Mitsui OSK Lines and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha, ONE is inspired by the vision to better meet customers' needs with high-quality, competitive services and an innovative business approach. All eyes are on the new joint venture, which will launch operations from its spanking new global headquarters in Marine One, a joint venture between Malaysia’s Khazanah Nasional and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings. Certainly, ONE looks set to add significant shine to the shipping industry in Singapore.

The spirit to excel

Leveraging the combined global networks and service structures of the shipping industry’s three major companies, ONE is poised to raise the bar in service excellence and take the container shipping business to the next level. ONE positions itself as a lean, agile, efficient and integrated organisation with a three-pronged focus on ‘Human’ (Corporate & Innovation’), ‘Vessel’ (Product & Network) and ‘Container’ (Marketing & Commercial).

Big yet personal

ONE offers the strength of a fleet size of 1,440,000 TEU*, which is the 6th largest in the world (as of June 2017). 240 vessels are operational, including 31 super-large 20,000 TEU container-ships, in a service network covering 90 countries around the world. Although the strategic integration has made ONE the world’s sixth-largest container carrier and probably the industry’s largest new player, the company remains caring at heart, focusing on service with a personal touch.

Safety & efficiency, hand-in-hand

ONE boasts the perfect mix of cutting-edge technology and operational and safety skills honed with over 100 years of experience. Apart from 24-hour live ship operation monitoring, the company implements pro-active safety approaches by leveraging state-of-the-art applications such as ‘AIMS’ and ‘VAMOS’. At the same time, economic ship operation is optimised via real-time linkage of big data.

ONE boasts the perfect mix of cutting-edge technology and operational and safety skills honed with over 100 years of experience. PHOTO: OCEAN NETWORK EXPRESS

Heartware meets hardware

Sustainable success is about caring for customers and business partners while protecting the earth.  While ONE aims to optimise yield management through the implementation of internal best practices, the company stresses on fruitful collaboration with professional partners inside and outside the industry as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions  and other environemntal initiatives. Above all, ONE is devoted to delivering a more attentive support system globally with an evolving ‘Omotenashi’ service, a service unique to Japanese companies and nurtured over many years.

Unboxing the box

Innovation and creativity fuel the team at ONE, to think out of the box, explore fresh ideas and push the boundaries. What sets ONE apart is a unique can-do spirit in turning challenges into opportunities, coupled with a deep-seated commitment to constant improvement of work processes, prioritising customer needs and building team-spirit. At ONE, the future is about shaping dreams and  creating possibilities together with all its stakeholders.

"ONE does not strive to be a mega carrier, but a specialist global hybrid carrier. We are a single global brand with a strong local service capability — big enough to survive but small enough to care," said Mr Jeremy Nixon, CEO of Ocean Network Express. PHOTO: OCEAN NETWORK EXPRESS

At the helm

The newly appointed CEO of Ocean Network Express is on a mission - to establish a unique positioning for the new merged container player that distinguishes it from the mega-carriers.

In the last two years, the container industry has undergone rapid consolidation due to customers’ need for truly global service reach, and financially strong and reliable supply chain service partners. Additionally, larger scale is needed to keep up with the advances and investment needed in new ship energy systems and IT solutions.

Mr Jeremy Nixon, who has more than 30 years of experience in the international container shipping industry, stresses the importance of developing a go-to-market strategy in the highly competitive industry.

According to Mr Nixon, ONE will be a major player in the local and Southeast Asia market, offering over 70 service calls per week in Singapore.

Due to its large maritime coverage, government support and cosmopolitan way of life, Singapore was picked as the Global Head Quarters (GHQ) and Regional Head Quarters (RHQ) for 22 countries in Asia and Oceania.

For Mr Nixon, his immediate task at hand is to successfully launch ONE and provide a stable service level to the company’s over 30,000 customers worldwide. The delivery of 10 new state-of-the-art large container vessels to further modernise its fleet is also in the pipeline.

Mr Nixon says that by the end of 2018, ONE will focus on enhancing its services and deploying new innovative and IT solutions.

The future is about innovation, and ONE is already on-board.

* Total fleet size of three companies as of June 2017 (except for stock on order). Source: Alphaliner Monthly Monitor, June 2017