Markets highlights

1 Oil rose in New York, stemming its biggest weekly loss since March, after France bombed Syria. West Texas Intermediate futures rose as much as 2 per cent after slumping 8 per cent last week, Bloomberg said.

2 Investor Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway cut its investment in Goldman Sachs by 13 per cent during the third quarter. Berkshire also said it owned 59.3 million shares of AT&T, Bloomberg reported.

3 Standard Chartered's global head of foreign exchange, rates and credit trading Nitin Gulabani will be replaced by Mr Chris Allington, global head of currencies business, and Mr Neh Thaker, who runs options trading, Bloomberg reported.

4 Singapore-listed Yamada Green Resources, undergoing a share consolidation exercise, will commence trading under a new stock code tomorrow. Five existing shares have been consolidated into one.

5 Sunningdale Tech's executive chairman Koh Boon Hwee bought 28,800 shares for $24,480. The plastic parts manufacturer last week posted a third-quarter net profit of $15.9 million.

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