Market highlights

1. Fifteen Reits and trusts listed between July 2012 and July 2016 have averaged a 17.5 per cent dividend-inclusive gain and a 6.8 per cent indicative yield so far this year.

2. CNMC Goldmine has bought back 39,900 of it shares at 27 cents each for a total sum of $10,820.

3. Serial System is investing in a joint venture, Musang Durian, a company incorporated in Malaysia that is in the business of manufacturing, processing, trading and exporting durian puree and durian-related products.

4. One of Tiong Woon Corp's units has incorporated an investment holding firm, Golden Argo, in Sri Lanka. The issued and paid-up share capital is 100,000 Sri Lankan rupees (S$890). The unit owns 49 per cent of the new entity.

5. Following an internal review, ValueMax found a probable case of criminal breach of trust by an employee. A police report was filed last Thursday. This is an isolated case and the net amount of loss after insurance is likely to be less than $10,000.

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