Market highlights

1 SUTL Enterprise has signed a memorandum of understanding to provide marina consultancy services to PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia on a project in Boom Banyuwangi, East Java, that is under construction.

2 Almost half of primary-listed stocks here with a market value of over $1 billion have dividend yields above 3 per cent. In the Asia-Pacific and the United States, only about one-fifth of stocks of similar sizes have such yields.

3 SingPost bought back 400,000 of its shares at between $1.28 and $1.29 apiece for a total outlay of $514,660.

4 The Singapore Exchange has launched a series of Asian emerging markets index futures based on net total return indices calculated by MSCI.

5 Dental player Q&M yesterday bought back 427,500 of its shares at 65.399 cents apiece for a total sum of $280,448.

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