Market highlights

1 Addvalue Technologies is placing out 103.8 million shares to raise about $4 million. Some of the proceeds are for a capability development programme, while some will be used as working capital.

2 A Ley Choon subsidiary has won two contracts worth about $2.9 million from the Public Utilities Board relating to a deep tunnel sewerage system, and the supply and installation of water connection works.

3 AsiaPhos expects a net profit for the first quarter ended March 31, reversing a net loss for the same quarter last year, owing to higher average selling prices of P4, a chemical product known as yellow phosphorus.

4 Ramba Energy said that the Court of Appeal has found that Ramba Energy West Jambi was in breach of contract in the investment agreement with Verona. Ramba Energy does not expect a material impact from the ruling.

5 Sunvic Chemical has warned that it could go on the SGX Watchlist after three years of pre-tax losses. But its six-month daily average market cap is higher than the $40 million minimum.

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