Market highlights

  1. There were 19.9 million shares repurchased by 22 companies at a total consideration of $25.9 million last month. This is lower than the $73 million this September and $127 million in October last year, said the SGX.
  2. SGX-listed Dapai International Holdings expects to record net losses after tax for the third quarter and the nine months to Sept 30, partly due to a continued decline in the sales of backpack products.
  3. A unit of China Environment has received a letter dated Oct 24 from the lawyer of Mr Chen Bing, the brother-in-law of the group's former executive chairman Huang Min, regarding five million yuan (S$1 million) owing to Mr Chen.
  4. The long-suspended Sino Techfibre told the SGX on Monday that it will not be making any further updates to the market. The SGX has said it will delist the company.
  5. Sen Yue, formerly known as PNE Micron, is expanding its business in commodities trading by setting up a battery recycling system line at an estimated cost of $1 million.
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