Market highlights

1 Geo Energy Resources has been the strongest performer among the four upstream coal plays this year, ahead of Resources Prima Group, BlackGold Natural Resources and Golden Energy & Resources.

2 The latest property under the Capri by Fraser brand has opened in Barcelona. Frasers Centrepoint's Frasers Hospitality Group plans to take the brand to 10 new cities over the next four years, expanding to 19 properties across 16 cities.

3 SGX-listed 800 Super has won a $133.65 million contract from the Public Utilities Board to treat and dispose of sludge from water reclamation plants. The contract runs until May 6, 2032.

4 Lifebrandz plans to acquire 100 per cent of Three Crystals Hong Kong, which owns an indirect stake in a firm that has a licence to explore industrial grade garnet on a 0.95 sq km area in Inner Mongolia.

5 SGX-listed Hiap Hoe plans to sell all its shares in Cavenagh Properties to Hiap Hoe Holdings, the controlling shareholder of the company.

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